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Goose Suit

To the Celtic and pre-Roman cultures, the goose was a sacred symbol. They were represented by the symbol of its leg, because this bird leaves a footprint which resembles the trident of the God of the Sea. The Way of the Stars – or Milky Way – coincides with the Way of the Goose and the Way of the Birds. Geese were considered to be the paradigm of Sacred Wisdom: they were the sacred guides sent to provide advice to humans. The wild geese had seasonal, stabile migratory routes, and they established the Way of the Geese. When the first Christians started to go on pilgrimage to Santiago, they found that the settlers there had deep traditions and spoke about a Way of the Geese or Way of the Stars. They also mentioned a Field of the Stars, to which one could only access through a labyrinth which was necessary to go over to renew oneself from the inside. The religious Orders christianized these beliefs, and they used this symbol of the goose leg as the symbol to the Holy Trinity. They built hospitals, and they became the keepers of the Way. The well-known and so antique Game of the Goose symbolizes the labyrinth of the Way, and it was taken by the Templars as the guiding map to the Way.

The Goose suit room is the biggest in our hotel, and it occupies a first floor space of 28 sq m. It has some windows facing the street. It has a 1,6×2 m queen size bed, a sofa which can be transformed into a 1,35×1,90 m bed, a large wardrobe, a dressing-table,a small desk and many other necessary pieces of furniture, a Smart TV, free WIFI and under floor heating/air conditioning system. The Goose suit room has got a 6 sq m bathroom with a vintage bathtub, a shower, a washbasin, a toilet, a hair drier and free personal care products. This suite room has got a direct exit to the gallery, and its floor is made of oak.


All our rooms are made with natural materials like old stone and hardwood decorated with ancient engravings with their corresponding birds, some of which are as old as the house itself. The pieces of furniture are made of solid wood, and many of them are restored old pieces. The fabric is made of cotton or linen.