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The swallow symbolizes springtime and World renovation. In many cultures, swallows and their nests are untouchable, because it is believed that they bring good luck and happiness to their homes, they protect from illnesses, from evil eye and fires. Swallows always return to their same places, they represent fidelity and safe return home. Almost all the symbolists relate them with change and triumph against adversity.

The Swallow room occupies a ground floor space of 16.5 sq m and it has a window facing the street, a queen size bed 1,5x2m, a wardrobe, a dressing-table desk and many other necessary items of furniture, a smart TV, free WIFI and under floor heating/air conditioning system. The Swallow room has got a 4sq m bathroom with a shower, a washbasin, a toilet, a hair drier and free personal care products. This room has direct access to the patio.


All our rooms are made with natural materials like old stone and hardwood decorated with ancient engravings with their corresponding birds, some of which are as old as the house itself. The pieces of furniture are made of solid wood, and many of them are restored old pieces. The fabric is made of cotton or linen.