There is probably no bird which brings back so much fantasy like the owl, with its silent flight and its skills to orient themselves in the dark. In ancient Greece, it was the bird of the goddess Athenea, and it was a symbol of wisdom. To the Christians, it represented knowledge and light to the darkness of the unknown.

Why is this room called Owl? Our neighbours say that, before this mansion was restored, a beautiful owl used to live right here.

This room is in the ground floor, and it covers a space of 17,5 square meters. It has got windows facing both the street and the patio. It has got a king size bed of 1,50 meters by 2 meters, a built-in wardrobe, a dressing-table desk and many other necessary items of furniture, a smart TV, free WIFI and underfloor heating/air conditioning system. The Owl room has got a large 8sq m bathroom with a large bathtub, a very spacious washbasin, a toilet, a hair drier and free personal care products.

All our rooms are made with natural materials like old stone and hardwood decorated with ancient engravings with their corresponding birds, some of which are as old as the house itself. The pieces of furniture are made of solid wood, and many of them are restored old pieces. The fabric is made of cotton or linen.