Excursions and Activities

Most probably, there is no other region in Spain with such a large variety of landscapes and so many possibilities to spend the leisure time like in León.

Historical cities like León, Astorga, Sahagún or Villafranca del Vierzo, pre-Roman and Roman monuments… villages lost in time in Maragateria, Bierzo or Cabrera, and nature in its pure state: yellow prairies with holm oak forests, silent valleys, mountains covered with snow.

Besides, the mythical St James Way passes passes along this town. Here, you can meet pilgrims coming from all over the World.

Unbeatable place to go trekking, on bicycle routes or car excursions, or just nature watching.

You can try the excellent authochtonous food and wine from this land, since its gastronomy is a fundamental component of the cultural offer in León.

Excursions on your own

Trekking aroung the town and its area

Bicycle routes

Motorbike and car routes

Water falls and picturesque places

Monumental León, a city with an immense history, Cathedral, San Marcos, San Isidoro, churches, palaces, museums, art and culture

Leon by night, monuments and a spectacular atmosphere when visiting traditional pubs in the Humedo and Romantic district, and their delicious tapas. A city with the highest rate of pubs per inhabitants in Spain, and with the best tapas, served for free together with your drink.

Astorga and monuments

The petroglyphs or rock carvings in Maragateria, its pre-historical past, its remains and legends

The Roman tracks and the Medulas ancient gold mine, the legacy we inherited from the Roman times, large amounts of soil removed in order to extract gold taken to Rome, one of the largest gold mines in the World, with canals to transport water and its colourful view – the greend landscape and the reddish clay of the Medulas mine.

Gastronomic routes, trout soup, goat smoked and cured meat, Maragato stew, cold meat and other delicacies from the plentiful cuisine from León.

Maragato villages, magic and customs visiting very beautiful little towns with a strong character and very well preserved, hardly deteriorated by the pass of time and the modern tendencies.

The Bierzo area, villages with charm, the Silence Valley and Peñalba de Santiago – considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Spain -, Montes Monastery, Compludo Valley, Ancares Valley, …

All along the St James Way

Now we can also offer you these programmed bird watching activities with Birding León; always subject to the availability of the company.