On January, 1, the city of Leon will start being – with this slogan – Spain’s gastronomic capital in 2018, as the successor of the Andalucian city of Huelva.

The city of Leon has laid high expectations on this event and, without any doubt, it will contribute to spread even more the notoriety of this city both in its gastronomic and touristic possibilities.

500 producers will take part in it. Among them, there are 16 quality brands which will have the opportunity to show the riches of this region.

Thanks to this status, many other events will be taking place in León as the place for their celebration in 2018. Correos – the Spanish Mailing Administration – will issue a stamp to commemorate “Leon, a Royal Feast”. Also, there will be a National Congress of Snacks and Tapas, and a National Congress of Flour, Bread and Pastries.

“Leon, a Royal Feast” will be the main topic on the ONCE Cupon Lottery on April, 14th. The Spanish National Lottery will also celebrate a raffle in Leon.

A sculpture to pay tribute to the hospitality staff sector will be erected, and hospitality professional training will be strongly supported.

Master Chef Celebrity will film a TV chapter in Leon. There will be a cooking show in Leon carried out by Michelin Star cooks, and “Leon, a Royal Feast” will be advertised in the Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao metro stations.

This will successfully work for the unity among organizations, professionals and public organizations, which will make this city, the Spanish city with the highest rate of pubs per inhabitant in Spain (a ratio of 5,03 pubs per 1000 inhabitants ) more notorious and well-known both in Spain and abroad.

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